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Sugus Products

Take a trip down memory lane with a bag of classic Sugus, a beloved Swiss candy that has a rich history dating back to 1931. Crafted by the renowned chocolatier Suchard, this classic fruit-flavored treat has been a favorite for generations in Switzerland… read more

Sugus is a beloved Swiss candy with a rich history dating back to 1931. Created by the Swiss chocolatier Suchard, this classic soft chewy fruit-flavored treat has become a staple for both kids and adults in Switzerland.

Sugus was first introduced by Suchard, as a way to diversify its product range and help boost sales during the summer months, when chocolate sales tend to decline. The candy was an instant hit and quickly became a beloved treat among Swiss consumers.

The original Sugus flavor lineup included pineapple, raspberry, lemon, and orange, and over the years, the brand has introduced additional flavors such as mint, black currant, and strawberry. In addition to its classic fruit flavors, Sugus also offers sugar-free options for those looking for a sweet treat without the added sugar.

One of the unique features of Sugus is its playful, easily pronounceable name, which is designed to be readable both from left to right and right to left in all European languages. The first syllable, “su,” also pays homage to the company that launched the product in Switzerland, Suchard.

In addition to its popularity in Switzerland, Sugus has gained a following in other parts of the world, including Asia, where it is considered a lucky charm in places like Hong Kong.

Aside from its delicious flavors and fun name, another factor that has contributed to the enduring popularity of Sugus is the fact Sugus has been listed as a Swiss culinary heritage making this traditional candy a real Swiss icon.

So next time you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, consider reaching for a Sugus – a candy that has been bringing joy to Swiss sweet tooths for nearly a century.


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