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Experience the indulgence of Ragusa chocolate — an iconic Swiss classic. From the original Ragusa Classique with its whole hazelnuts and praline truffle filling to the intense and deeply satisfying Ragusa Noir, and the innovative and exciting Ragusa Blond, there’s a flavour for every chocolate lover in this line… read more

Discover the magic of Ragusa chocolate today, which has been loved for over 80 years. Created in 1942 by Camille Bloch, Ragusa features whole hazelnuts surrounded by a smooth praline truffle filling, creating a perfectly balanced and delightful chocolate experience. The thick, rectangular shape of the original Ragusa bar is instantly recognizable, and the seemingly excessive amount of filling in each bite makes for an indulgent and satisfying treat.

Ragusa was created during a time of shortages in raw materials such as cocoa, and the use of ground hazelnuts and whole hazelnuts in the recipe helped to replace the chocolate. The name Ragusa was chosen by Camille Bloch in honor of the town of Dubrovnik (then called Ragusa), where he had gone on vacation. The recipe, shape, and manufacturing method for Ragusa Classique have remained unchanged for over 75 years, ensuring that each bite is just as delicious as the first.

Ragusa is available in a variety of forms, including chocolate bars in various sizes, minibars, and shareable bites… The line includes the original Ragusa Classique, as well as the intense and deeply satisfying Ragusa Noir, introduced in 2008 in response to the growing demand for dark chocolate, and the innovative and exciting Ragusa Blond, a caramelized chocolate that was launched in 2014.

The company is headquartered in Courtelary in the Bernese Jura region, and all of its products, including the Ragusa line, are manufactured there using only the finest ingredients and traditional production methods.

Experience the uniqueness and satisfying taste of Ragusa chocolate, and choose from the wide selection of Ragusa products available on Swiss Dreams.


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