Supreme Chocolate

Supreme Chocolate

Indulge in the luxurious flavours of Supreme chocolates, available in delicate flat bars and thick, crunchy bars filled with whole nuts. From orange to caramel and pistachio, there’s a flavour for every chocolate lover. Discover the unmatched quality of Swiss chocolate and experience the fine taste of Frey Supreme… read more

Supreme is a classic bar from Frey, a Swiss chocolatier. Everything started in 1887 with two brothers, Robert and Max Frey, who aid the foundation for Frey’s success story. Their passion for the finest Swiss chocolate still lives on today and is expressed in every single one of their exceptional chocolate creations.

Supreme is available in two formats: delicate flat bars and thick crunchy bars. The flat bars come in a variety of flavors, including orange, caramel, and pistachio, while the thick crunchy bars feature whole nuts, such as blond almonds or milk caramelized almonds.

The flat bars were first introduced in 2003, and the thick bars were added to the line a few years later.

Suprême elegant flat chocolate pieces create a very intense mouthfeel, allowing the high-quality ingredients to fully develop their delectable flavors. These thin bars are perfect for those who appreciate a more refined chocolate experience. The thick crunchy bars, on the other hand, offer a more indulgent treat with their whole nuts and rich chocolate coating.

No matter which format you choose, you can trust that all Frey Supreme products are made exclusively in Switzerland with premium quality ingredients and adhere to strict Swiss quality standards. The entire Frey brand is recognized as one of the most iconic Swiss chocolate makers, with years of experience in crafting exceptionally high-quality chocolates for true chocolate lovers.


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