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Have you ever felt homesick? Missed your grandma’s hot cocoa or your childhood favourite sweets? Well, this is the story of Swiss Dreams. I still remember fondly the early years of my life, spent playing in my grandparent’s hotel, with the smell of Ovomaltine Crunchy Spread and freshly baked bread, or the first bite taken in my Ragusa chocolate bar at tea time.

After a few years in the UK and the passing of my grandmother, I felt that the only thing that could bring any comfort to me would be to be able to bring my childhood favorite memories and flavors with me. So, in honor of my Nana, Swiss Dreams was created with the purpose of adding sweetness and comfort to people’s lives.

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Our MissionTradition

Switzerland offers some of the best products and confectionary, we cannot think of anything that comes close to it in terms of quality, flavours and ingredients. Using our knowledge, childhood memories and tights to this community, you can trust us to get the best hidden gems of Switzerland.

We only source traditional Swiss brands, which through their expertise and ‘savoir-faire’ offer the finest products. Whether it stands out through the art of chocolate-making or the creation of authentic and unmistakable recipes, we carefully handpick brands and products that we love. Swiss Dreams is committed to bringing directly to your door this luxurious feeling of Swiss quality and tradition.

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All our products are 100% Swiss. We source all the products available on the website directly from local providers in Switzerland. Additionally, all products are of the highest freshness and quality, and unaltered or transformed by Swiss Dreams.

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Chocolate Powders

Make delicious hot chocolates at home with our range of powders. Taste the finest Swiss chocolate and premium cocoa powders,

Traditional Chocolate Bars

Discover our range of authentic chocolate bars from exceptional Swiss brands combining tradition, passion, and decades of know-how.

Liquor Chocolates

Special liqueurs and spirits meet the finest Swiss chocolate, creating original recipes. Discover our unique range of liqueur chocolates.


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