Giandor Chocolate

Giandor Chocolate

Discover the classic taste of Giandor chocolate by Frey, adored by generations of chocolate lovers. With its smooth, rich chocolate coating and creamy almond filling, Giandor is a uniquely delicious treat that will tantalize your taste buds… read more

Giandor has been an iconic and beloved chocolate line for over 100 years, with its first packaging which can be traced as far as 1910. Made by Frey, a Swiss chocolate company that has been producing high-quality chocolate since 1887, the Giandor line is manufactured in the Frey factory in Buchs, Switzerland, in operation since 1967.

The line includes a variety of four flavours to choose from, including milk, dark, white, and crunchy almond chocolates. Each flavour is unique and delicious, offering something for every chocolate lover.

Following the milk iconic bar, Giandor dark was the first variation introduced in the early 90s, followed by Giandor white chocolate which was first introduced in 2000. The newest addition to the Giandor line, Giandor crunchy almond, has already proven to be a hit with its crispy and tenderly melting filling.

Experience the timeless appeal of Giandor chocolate, a classic treat that has been loved for generations, and say yes to the ultimate chocolate indulgence.


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