Kägi Products

Kägi Products

Upgrade your snack game with Kägi and discover the ultimate indulgence in Swiss chocolate pleasure. Experience the perfect balance of crispy baked wafers, creamy filling, and real Swiss chocolate – happiness is a Kägi!… read more

Kägi is a beloved Swiss brand that has been satisfying sweet cravings for over 87 years. Founded in 1934 by Otto Kägi, the company started out as a bakery and later transitioned to producing wafers in 1942. Ten years later, Kägi started coating their wafers with chocolate and launched their most iconic product Kägi Fret bar in 1958. This classic creation is nothing less than a twin chocolate-coated wafer bar that has become one of the most recognizable chocolate bars in Switzerland.

Kägi’s chocolate-making skills have been honed over the years and today, the brand is known for producing high-quality treats using natural ingredients and traditional techniques. All of Kägi’s products are proudly made in their own factory in Lichtensteig, Switzerland, where every step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to ensure the best quality and taste.

So don’t hesitate to indulge in the delicious creations from Kägi and discover the magic of real Swiss pleasure. From their classic Kägi Fret bar to their creamy mousse-filled chocolates, Kägi has something for every chocolate lover.


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