Gottlieber Products

Gottlieber Products

Gottlieber is a Swiss company that specializes in producing high-quality confectionery products since 1928. Swiss wafer rolls are one of Gottlieber’s most popular and signature products.

Gottlieber made waves in the confectionery industry in 1938 by becoming the first company to fill their wafer rolls, which had previously been empty, with a creamy praline filling. This innovative move quickly gained popularity, and praline remains the most popular filling for Gottlieber’s wafer rolls to this day.

But Gottlieber didn’t stop there – they continued to experiment with new and exciting filling flavors to satisfy the taste buds of their customers. Their mocha filling, made with rich, aromatic coffee, is a favorite for coffee lovers looking for a sweet treat. And for those who prefer the indulgent taste of hazelnuts, Gottlieber offers their gianduja filling, made with a combination of creamy hazelnut paste and rich chocolate.

With their commitment to quality ingredients and traditional production methods, it’s no surprise that Gottlieber has remained a beloved institution in the confectionery world for nearly a century. Their dedication to innovation and flavor has earned them a reputation as a purveyor of exceptional treats, with their filled wafer rolls being a true standout in their product lineup.


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