Favarger Products

Favarger Products

Indulge in the finest Swiss chocolate with Favarger – a brand with over 195 years of expertise and a commitment to using only the best, natural ingredients. Treat yourself to the rich, creamy goodness of Favarger’s chocolates and experience the magic of Swiss chocolate-making at its best.. read more

Favarger is a Swiss chocolate brand with a rich history dating back to 1826. Founded by Jean-Samuel Favarger, the company has been dedicated to perfecting their chocolate-making skills for nearly 200 years. Today, Favarger is known for producing high-quality chocolates using natural ingredients and traditional techniques. One of the brand’s most iconic products is the Avelines, a modern classic that was introduced in 1922.

All Favarger chocolates are proudly made in the company’s own factory in Versoix, Switzerland, where every step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality and delicious taste. From the roasting of the cocoa beans to the production of the chocolate mass, Favarger is committed to using only the best ingredients and techniques to create exceptional chocolates that are sure to delight the senses.

Indulge in the finest chocolate creations crafted by expert chocolatiers at Favarger. Choose from a selection of exquisite pralines, fine traditional Swiss creations, and pristine truffles, all made using the highest quality ingredients and techniques. Trust us, your palate will thank you for choosing from our exceptional collection of premium chocolates. Don’t settle for ordinary chocolate – upgrade to Favarger and experience the magic of Swiss chocolate today.


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